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Enjoying Ice Cream

Work, Meet Life.

The most important part of who we are is outside of working hours. Let's recognize that too.

Though you might spend a large portion of your time on the clock for your work team, you lead a whole life out there that doesn't include MCI or Gamut.  So let's celebrate the good news, exciting updates, welcome new babies, see your pets, watch your kid make that soccer goal, and even share in the tough stuff that could use a little support.   We could all use a moment to smile, celebrate, and just be human.   Here's the space to do it!


Congratulations to Paul Valsamis Navy IT-Intelligence on his recent graduation from Navy Boot Camp

Paul is the son-in-law of Penny Thompson, who works in the Accounting Department in Charlotte. Penny and her daughter just recently traveled to Great Lakes, Illinois for his graduation. Great Lakes is the largest training station in the Navy. He was sent off after graduation to A School in Pensacola, Florida to receive additional training in his field of choice, IT-Intelligence.


Good luck Paul. Stay safe, and thank you for your service.


Congratulations to Zac Cunningham & fiance, Kinzi, on your engagement & wedding! 

We love Zac's story of meeting Kinzi. Some things are just meant to be!  Here's the details in Zac's own words:


I started working with Gamut on 03/02/21 as Customer Support from home in Fort Wayne IN. I did that for a year before I came down in March of 22 to start learning what Todd does and what I could do to help the team, as well as look for a place to live down here. I met my now fiancé, Kinzi, during this trip. I made the move down here in May of 22 with everything Andy could pull behind his truck on a single utility trailer. Since moving I’ve worked on learning the ins and out of our unique system to help with database analysis and archiving, as well as many of miscellaneous operations tasks. Still very much learning how to troubleshoot the NOC when issues arise. I proposed to Kinzi on Christmas Eve of 22 and our wedding is 03/11/23 in Palm Coast, FL. Currently labeling myself as the Director of Operations though I frequently refer to myself as the VP of TS (Vice President of Todd Stuff)

Update on Hunter Pietrowski

One of our MCI family could use some extra thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and well wishes. Some of you may remember Hunter Pietrowski and the Pietrowski family from 2016.  Hunter is Adam Pietrowski’s son, who is an awesome Foreman in our Raleigh branch.  Hunter first got cancer at the age of 13, underwent chemo/radiation, and proudly kicked cancer’s butt.  He has been in remission since 2017, but unfortunately something popped up at his last scan. Now once again, at the age of 19, Hunter’s cancer has returned.


There's been quite a few updates since Hunter's surgery on 2/21/23.

  • His surgery went well.  His diagnoses was confirmed, Medulloblastoma. Just after the surgery he did have some side effects including seizures that put him back in the hospital.  He did stabilize and was released home about a week later.   He had 55 stitches removed from his head on 3/9, and the incision has healed well.

  • There is "no cure" for recurrent Medulloblastoma.  Regardless of when cancer is diagnosed or who is diagnosed, it's an aggressive tumor that is difficult to cure. 

  • The next step for Hunter is determining his treatment options and clinical trials. After weeks of talking with expert doctors from multiple hospitals, Hunter is at home to determine the appropriate treatment course and available clinical trials. There is little known about what causes Medulloblastoma as we are told a "cell went askew," Because of its rarity, there is a lack of research funding to support an effective treatment for relapses.  

  • Though the family has medical insurance, it has a large deductible plan, and some treatments are not covered because they are considered "experimental." Also, Medulloblastoma does not have a standard relapse "treatment" protocol; they currently only have clinical trials. At this point the Pietrowski's are unsure what, if anything, is covered under the clinical trials themselves or by medical insurance, as the treatment will be in another state. 

  • Treatment options may vary based on several factors, such as the type of cancer, prior medical treatments, and the level of advanced disease. In some cases, there will be treatment options that can result in a cure. In other cases, the chance of a cure may be small.

  • It sounds like Hunter's next steps will involve a clinical trial out of Georgia.  Please continue to offer up thoughts and prayers for the recovery of a wonderful young man and fantastic family.

For those who wish to follow or give, please join Hunter's Cancer Journey on Facebook, or learn more at Hunter's SpotFund page.

Congrats Lacey Knapp On Recent Certification

Lacey Knapp (Raleigh- HR, Marketing, Communications) has recently completed a certification in Les Mills BodyCombat.  Combat is a mixed martial arts-based fitness program out of New Zealand that draws inspiration from boxing, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, muay thai, capoeira and kung fu, wrapped into a program to inspire general health and fitness. This certification is obtained after a full 2-day intensive training, followed by 60 days for a video submission and evaluation.  This is Lacey's 7th Les Mills certification, (BodyPump, BodyBalance, RPM, SPRINT, Core, & GRIT).  She also has national certifications in freestyle group fitness and cycling and teaches classes at Life Time Fitness & O2 Fitness.  As the person who designed and edited this newsletter, and actively encouraged everyone else to submit small pieces of their personal lives, she figured she should throw herself under the bus as well! Who's reading this anyway?? Did you make it down this far?? Enjoy a tiny snapshot from Lacey's certification video :)

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