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Mechanical construction of HVAC systems involves extensive coordination of equipment delivery, trade, subcontractors, and the general contractor. Project management is an essential component of successful mechanical construction.


Our complete understanding of the scope of work enables us to produce a schedule compatible with your completion date. We specialize in large and small projects alike. We have the vast resources necessary to keep standards high, while maintaining the project budget.

MCI’s project management team is responsible for ensuring quality work delivered on time and within budget. We work closely with our subcontractors to resolve any problems before they may impact the project. Timely, accurate handling and reporting of changes in drawings and the scope of work is also necessary for a successful project.

The quality of our field crews is second to none.  A fully-integrated design/build process adds value to your projects.  From beginning to end, we deliver quality solutions. The results are better-managed projects, a reduction in unnecessary expenditures, shorter schedules and marked improvement in quality and safety performance.



Mechanical Contractors, LLC. believes that Safety is the Key and all injuries can be prevented. We are vitally concerned about the losses which can result from on-the-job accidents, both for the individual and the company. Therefore, the prevention of accidents is a major company objective, requiring the active and sincere cooperation of all employees.

MCI Project Managers, Superintendents and field staff all recognize the importance of maintaining a safe and clean worksite. Total accident prevention can only be accomplished through the coordinated efforts of all employees. It is our policy that no job or service performed by an employee is so important or urgent that it cannot be performed the safest way.

  • Project Planning | Scheduling | Logistics

  • Project Risk Analysis

  • Project Reporting | Documentation

  • Ongoing Performance Training

  • Extensive Subcontractor Coordination

  • Quality Assurance | Quality Control (QaQc)

  • Safety Training | OSHA 10/30 Hour Training

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