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Meet Our Newest Team Members

In the third Quarter of 2023 we are excited to welcome NINE new people to our teams!!


Work Anniversaries

  • Quinton Roberts - 30 years

  • Billy Evans - 28 years

  • Jerry Norris - 28 years

  • Brian Devine - 27 years

  • Daniel Cortes - 19 years

  • Preston Burton - 13 years

  • Tim Meadows - 9 years

  • Jeremiah Stowell - 6 years (100% Vested!)

  • Michelle Alonzo - 1 year

  • Jarvis Young - 1 year

  • John Martin - 23 years

  • Adan Garcia - 13 years

  • Rich Pressley - 12 years

  • Rebecca Caldwell - 12 years

  • Luis Valle - 10 years

  • Dale Thompson - 10 years

  • Fidel Coronel - 6 years (100% Vested!)

  • Larry Smith - 5 years

  • Stephen Sellers - 4 years

  • James Keith - 23 years

  • Javier Cortez - 23 years

  • Seth Nicholson - 18 years

  • Bob Stevens - 13 years

  • Dustin Carter - 10 years

  • Tommy Roselli - 10 years

  • Kevin Antonio - 5 years

  • Joe Lawrence - 4 years

  • Miguel Pastrana - 2 years

  • Brian McRee - 1 year

  • Joe Zayatz - 1 year

MCI Achieved Platinum Level Safety Award for 3rd Consecutive Year.

MCI has achieved Platinum in Associated Builders and Contractor’s STEP Safety Management System. Founded more than three decades ago, STEP has evolved into a world-class safety program that dramatically improves safety performance among construction industry participants, with top-performing Diamond members achieving incident rates 645% safer than the industry average.


STEP participants measure their safety processes and policies on key components through a detailed questionnaire with the goal of implementing or enhancing safety programs that reduce jobsite incidents. “Safety is a journey, and that journey is possible because of systems like STEP, which enables ABC member contractors like MCI to have safer and more productive jobsites,” said Greg Sizemore, ABC vice president of health, safety, environment and workforce development. “Committing to total human health is essential to ensure the physical and mental health and safety of our workforce, and I commend MCI for consistently fulfilling those commitments to raise the bar of safety performance.”

According to ABC’s annual Safety Performance Report, STEP participants, regardless of company size or type of work, can reduce recordable incidents up to 84%, making the best performing companies more than eight times safer than the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics industry average. Ratings range from Diamond, the highest, to Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Participant.

To learn more about the STEP program, visit

Platinum award.jpg

MCI Construction Team is
CPR/AED Certified

Recently, our organization took a proactive step towards employee safety and well-being by conducting multiple First Aid, CPR, and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) classes. These sessions were designed to equip our employees with essential life-saving skills, and we are proud to report that 65 of our dedicated MCI employees participated in and successfully completed these crucial training sessions.

The training covered a wide range of fundamental first aid principles, ensuring that participants gained a comprehensive understanding of how to respond effectively to various medical emergencies. They learned essential techniques, from treating burns and controlling bleeding to dressing wounds and splinting injuries. These skills are invaluable in everyday life and can make a significant difference in emergency situations, both inside and outside the workplace.

One of the key aspects of the training was the instruction on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Participants were taught how to perform CPR correctly and the vital importance of early intervention in cases of cardiac arrest. Additionally, they learned how to operate an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), a device that can be a critical tool in saving someone's life during a cardiac emergency.

Having a team of employees well-versed in First Aid, CPR, and AED usage is a significant asset to any organization. It not only enhances workplace safety but also demonstrates a commitment to the health and well-being of both employees and the community at large.

For those who were unable to participate in these recent classes, there's no need to worry. We understand the importance of these skills and are dedicated to ensuring that all employees have the opportunity to learn them. More training sessions will be scheduled in the near future, providing additional chances for our team members to acquire these life-saving skills.

Raleigh Team Training
Charlotte Team Training
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