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75 Years of

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Our story starts in 1948 as Mechanical Contractors, Inc, a single-facility HVAC engineering and installation company in Charlotte, NC. Since then, we have been on an incredible journey, expanding our services to best support our customers across the Carolinas, and our integrations reach across the nation. To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we reflect on a history filled with remarkable milestones and look forward to a future just as bright.

Our story is one of a successful business that started small, grew, innovated, and is now more vital than ever. We hire good people, treat employees well, provide the highest quality in mechanical systems design and services, invest in our people, systems, and equipment, and operate in diversified markets with a diverse customer base.  This past year ushered in a new era for our people, as we became officially 100% employee-owned. 

It takes innovators of the highest integrity to make MCI work. Seventy-five years in, we salute all the "doers" who make it possible for us to do what we do.





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