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Enjoying Ice Cream

Work, Meet Life.

The most important part of who we are is outside of working hours. Let's recognize that too.

Though you might spend a large portion of your time on the clock for your work team, you lead a whole life out there that doesn't include MCI or Gamut.  So let's celebrate the good news, exciting updates, welcome new babies, see your pets, watch your kid make that soccer goal, and even share in the tough stuff that could use a little support.   We could all use a moment to smile, celebrate, and just be human.   Here's the space to do it!

Let's go Gamut Marathoner, Katrina Ramey!

Congratulations are in order for Katrina Ramey, who has impressively completed the Chicago Marathon! Her dedication and hard work paid off with an outstanding finish time of 04:15:19.


This achievement is not only a testament to her physical endurance but also her unwavering determination and commitment to excellence. Katrina's accomplishment is an inspiration to us all, showcasing the remarkable results of perseverance and discipline. We are incredibly proud of her and look forward to celebrating more of her achievements in the future.


Well done, Katrina! 🎉🏃‍♀️


Congrats, Bobby!

Congratulations to Bobby Gudger for securing first place in the kayak category at the Crafting for Kids Canoe, Kayak, SUP race held on October 7, 2023. Bobby's dedication to his own health and fitness journey not only brought him this well-deserved accolade but also shone a spotlight on two remarkable charities.

  1. The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford: This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Masonic Home for Children in Oxford, NC. A beacon of hope and support, the home has sheltered over 11,000 children throughout its history. Currently, it serves as a nurturing abode for approximately 80 children. Beyond providing a roof over their heads, the organization has extended its support to over 27,000 children this year alone, offering various forms of aid and care.

  2. Gold Star Family/Mothers Recognition: October holds special significance as it's Gold Star Family/Mothers month, a decade-long tradition honoring the resilience of families who have lost a parent in military or law enforcement service. This program plays a crucial role in supporting teens during some of their most challenging times, acknowledging the sacrifices made by their loved ones in service to our country.

Kitty looking for a home!

The Rukse family is at it again, extending a helping hand, one cat at a time! We'd like to introduce you to Jule, a charming young ginger kitty who appeared in late October. He wasn't microchipped and, unfortunately, no one seems to be searching for him. He may have been lost or left behind, but we've made sure to provide him with food and shelter in the meantime. Jule has shown interest in becoming an indoor cat, but our household has reached its limit for permanent furry residents. However, we're collaborating with a local rescue to offer him temporary indoor fostering until a forever home is found. For anyone interested in adopting this delightful and handsome guy, please reach out to us ( He was recently taken to the vet, where he was neutered and had his vaccinations updated. He tested negative for common feline diseases and is currently being socialized with other cats. We haven't observed his interactions with children, so a home without young kids would probably be preferable for him.

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