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Enjoying Ice Cream

Work, Meet Life.

The most important part of who we are is outside of working hours. Let's recognize that too.

Though you might spend a large portion of your time on the clock for your work team, you lead a whole life out there that doesn't include MCI or Gamut.  So let's celebrate the good news, exciting updates, welcome new babies, see your pets, watch your kid make that soccer goal, and even share in the tough stuff that could use a little support.   We could all use a moment to smile, celebrate, and just be human.   Here's the space to do it!

Let's go Gamut Marathoner, Katrina Ramey!

Elevating this to the top spot because our next newsletter update will be celebrating Katrina's remarkable achievements!

Meet Katrina Ramey, the Account Manager extraordinaire for our Gamut team. We can't help but boast about her incredible accomplishments. Just last year, Katrina conquered the Chicago Marathon, crossing the finish line with a remarkable time of 4 hours, 30 minutes, and 58 seconds, maintaining an impressive average pace of 10 minutes and 21 seconds per mile!

But here's the exciting part: Katrina is gearing up for an encore performance at the Chicago Marathon this October. She's already marked two half-marathons off her list, with three more to conquer. Her race times are improving steadily, as evidenced by her outstanding performance in the Mother's Day half-marathon, where she secured a well-deserved 3rd place finish in her age group.

But wait, there's more! Katrina is taking her athletic prowess to a whole new level by participating in her very first triathlon in Culver, IN, this August. And if that's not enough, brace yourself for this: right after the Chicago Marathon in early October, she's set to tackle the Indianapolis Marathon in late October. Can you believe it? Katrina's unstoppable!


Congrats, CNA Bailey!

Bailey, the granddaughter of Rebecca Caldwell, has achieved a remarkable milestone in her journey towards a fulfilling healthcare career. With determination and dedication, she recently earned her CNA certification and has taken up a vital role at Caramont Regional Medical Center. Bailey's exceptional commitment to her education and passion for nursing caught the attention of Gaston College, where she has been handpicked for a prestigious full scholarship. This scholarship marks her final 'regular' semester of college, paving the way for her entrance into their esteemed nursing program.


Congratulations to Bailey for her outstanding achievements; she is on a path to make a significant impact in the world of healthcare!"

Employees of MCI & Gamut Embark on Exciting Adventures as Summer Comes to a Close.

Andy Lies headed "Out West"!

Our journey started with a lengthy drive to Denver, Colorado. Over the course of a couple of days, we explored the stunning locales of Red Rocks and Golden, Colorado. A highlight of our trip was the picturesque drive up the mountain to Bolder Falls, followed by a visit to Lookout Mountain. We also embarked on a hike and paid a visit to Wild Bill's museum and gravesite.

The following day, we set out early for a four-hour drive to Moab, Utah. The transition from the Colorado mountains to the vast landscapes of Utah felt like entering another world. Our initial destination was Canyonlands National Park. Here, we spent some time hiking and marveled at what geologists believe to be a fascinating formation created by a meteor impact. With temperatures soaring to 100 degrees, the remainder of the afternoon was dedicated to cooling off in the pool.

The next morning, we were up at the crack of dawn to explore Arches National Park. The breathtaking vistas and hiking trails left me speechless – an experience beyond words. Even the kids managed to complete the challenging 3-mile hike to the iconic Delicate Arch.

Our journey continued as we drove a few hours to reach Capitol Reef National Park. Nestled between imposing canyons, this is Utah's smallest national park. We had the pleasure of camping by the Fremont River, which meanders through the park, and the kids cherished every moment of our stay.

Regrettably, we couldn't find the time to visit the other two remarkable national parks in Utah, namely Zion and Bryce Canyon. However, we're already planning a return trip to explore these incredible destinations. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone in search of adventure to venture out west and discover our national parks.

Lacey Knapp took off to the Middle East

I had been eagerly anticipating this bucket-list trip with my adventurous friend for an entire year. The question I heard most frequently before embarking on this journey was, "Why Jordan?" To which my immediate response was, "Why NOT?!" Jordan, though a relatively small country, smaller even than the state of Maine, is often underestimated as a travel destination. However, it is a place that offers a captivating blend of stunning natural landscapes and world-renowned historical and religious sites. More importantly, it stands as a safe and secure gem in the heart of the Middle East, waiting to be discovered.

Our 8-day adventure commenced in the vibrant capital city of Amman. From there, our first stop was Jerash, a place considered one of the largest and most well-preserved sites of Roman architecture in the world, rivaling even those found in Italy. Jerash's history spans over 6,500 years, making it a captivating journey through time itself.

After Jerash, we embarked on a short bus ride to the enigmatic Dead Sea, an extraordinary body of water renowned for its unparalleled buoyancy, owing to its salt content being ten times that of a typical ocean. Regrettably, experts predict that the Dead Sea may vanish completely within the next 25 years, making our visit all the more poignant.

Our next destination was a three-hour drive south to the iconic Petra, often referred to as the Rose City. You might recognize it from its appearance in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." Petra, one of the "New" Seven Wonders of the World, is a marvel of human achievement, with structures that are both half-built and half-carved into the rock. The city is surrounded by mountains filled with labyrinthine passages and gorges. While "The Treasury" is the most famous feature of Petra, the entire site is vast and awe-inspiring in its scale.

We concluded our tour with an unforgettable overnight stay in the Wadi Rum desert. Its surreal landscape is often likened to that of Mars, which is why it served as the filming location for "The Martian" with Matt Damon in 2015. The pitch-black desert sky, devoid of light pollution, offered us a breathtaking canvas for stargazing, complete with a clear view of the Milky Way. Additionally, we had the chance to experience a quintessential desert adventure by riding camels, guided by a local Bedouin. These towering and peculiar creatures added a touch of exoticism to our journey.

In summary, our trip to Jordan was nothing short of epic. The place was incredible, and the Jordanian people were among some of the kindest I have met in my travels.  I wholeheartedly recommend this remarkable country to anyone seeking an experience that is far removed from our everyday lives. Jordan not only exceeded our expectations but also left us with memories that will last a lifetime.

Heartwarming Reunion: Stray Kitty Finds Family After 2 Months!
Stray Kitty.jpg

Cheryl Rukse's encounter with a stray kitty on our bustling industrial street stirred concerns. Given this is no place for a lost kitty, she approached the elusive feline, who promptly darted away. A week later, Cheryl spotted the same cat and wisely carried food this time. She offered the cat food and called her "Mommy", and to her amazement, as she placed the food down and stepped back, the cat abandoned the meal to rush towards Cheryl, showering her with affection. Cheryl sought the help of Michelle Alonzo to safely contain the cat. With the arrival of her husband, Phil, and a carrier, they took the cat to the vet and discovered her name was Mimi, missing for two long months. The similarity between "Mimi" and "Mommy" explained her affinity for Cheryl. Mimi's joyful reunion with her family left a heartwarming impression, emphasizing the importance of pet microchipping in reuniting lost animals with their loved ones. Microchip your pets, please! It works!

New Baby.jpeg

Oh Baby!

Lisa Simmons, a valued member of the Gamut team, is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her very first grandchild, who is expected to make their debut in March of 2024! This joyous occasion marks a new chapter, filled with the excitement and love that comes with the arrival of a grandchild. A heartfelt congratulations to Lisa as she prepares to embark on this wonderful journey of grandparenthood!

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