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Work, Meet Life.

The most important part of who we are is outside of working hours. Let's recognize that too.

Celebrating MORE New Beginnings, and DOUBLE the Joy in Our Gamut Family!

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We're thrilled to announce a delightful addition to the PACTS family! Zac Cunningham from our Charlotte office and his wife, Kinzi, welcomed their beautiful identical twin girls on April 26, 2024. Please join us in celebrating the arrival of Makenna Rae and Oakley Sage!

Makenna made her debut at 10:58 PM, measuring 16.4 inches and weighing 6 lbs. 5 oz. Just a minute later, at 10:59 PM, Oakley Sage joined her sister, measuring 17.5 inches and weighing 5 lbs. 15 oz. We're happy to report that both newborns are doing wonderfully and are healthy.

Attached are some heartwarming pictures of the new additions to the Cunningham family. Congratulations Zac & Kinzi! Here's to mastering the art of double-duty bedtime stories and becoming true night owls.

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This Month's Paw-some News: Meet Fitz, the Newest Member of the Evans Family!

We're excited to introduce you to Billy Evans' newest family addition: Fitz, a charming Shiloh Shepherd! Fitz is 11 months old, and he joined the Evans household when he was just 8 months. All the training is in progress!


Shiloh Shepherds are known for their gentle temperament and striking appearance, a breed developed to be the perfect family companion with a heart as grand as their size. They resemble their German Shepherd cousins but are larger and have a calmer and softer nature, making them excellent with children and other pets.


Welcome to the extended PACTS family Fitz!

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