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Gamut Update

Lift Station Installations

What is a Lift Station?

Wastewater lift stations are crucial components of sewage systems that help transport wastewater from lower to higher elevations, especially in areas with uneven terrain. These stations utilize powerful pumps to lift the wastewater from underground collection pipes into higher-level sewer lines or treatment facilities. As the wastewater enters the lift station, it passes through grinders or screens that remove solid debris, preventing clogging and damage to the pumps. Float switches or level sensors are employed to activate the pumps when the wastewater reaches a certain predetermined level, ensuring efficient and controlled operation of the lift station.

Where does Gamut fit in?

When lift stations get to high they run the risk of overflowing which causes a mess and government agencies must oversee the clean-up. Usually, a light at the top of the panel would alert some to check out the panel… however, based on where it is located this may or may not happen in a timely manner. Gamut’s cellular panel is now sending text/email and phone follow-ups now whenever an alarm happens.

In the last month, Gamut has installed 6 units for a local municipality in Indiana as well as 6 private units operated by Kimco in TX. We look forward to this new market which will make us more diverse in our remote monitoring capabilities.

Gamut Lift Station.jpg
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