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Enjoying Ice Cream

Work, Meet Life.

The most important part of who we are is outside of working hours. Let's recognize that too.

Celebrating New Beginnings in Our Gamut Family!


We have some heartwarming news to share in our latest family update!

First off, Joey Aldrich, a dedicated member of our Gamut customer support team, welcomed his baby girl, Aurora, into the world on February 1, 2024. We're all smiles over the adorable picture below featuring Aurora and her big sister. (Left)

In another happy announcement, Lisa Simmons, also from our customer support team, embraced a new title as a grandmother on the rare and special day of February 29, 2024. Her granddaughter, Amelia, has made this Leap Year extra memorable. Check out this heartwarming picture of Lisa with her little "Leap Ling." (Right)

Please join us in congratulating both Joey and Lisa on these wonderful family milestones!


This Month's Paw-some News from the Editor's Desk!

In a desperate bid to fill the page (and, let's be honest, to show off), I've commandeered this space to introduce the latest, furriest member of the Knapp household - meet Finley! Our "Gotcha Day" celebration was on February 7th, marking the day this adorable mix of Coonhound, Boxer, and Pitbull made our home her forever home. At 9 months old, Finley is a blend of hound intelligence, Boxer enthusiasm, and Pitbull love, making every day an adventure filled with energy, smarts, and cuddles.

Finley's journey to us was made possible by the amazing folks at Saving Grace Animal Rescue in Wake Forest, NC. If you're in the vicinity and thinking of expanding your family with a four-legged friend, I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Stephen and Puppies.jpg

The Shih-Poo Coup: How Sammy Stole the Show (and Dane's Heart) at MCI

In a daring attempt to one-up the editorial desk's recent puppy news, the Osburn clan has made a bold move by introducing their own bundle of joy (and inevitable chaos). Enter Sammy, the pint-sized Shih Tzu-Poodle mix, or as those in the know call him, a "Shih-Poo." This little furball, pictured on the right alongside his sister, recently graced the Raleigh office with his presence, and let's just say, he was quite the hit—especially with PM Stephen Sellers, who might just have found a new best friend. (I sense a new series... Puppies and Project Managers?  Who's in??)

At just 8 weeks old, Sammy has already shown signs of becoming the office's most adorable troublemaker. While Dane Osburn might put on the façade of a man coerced into dog-dad duties, it's clear for all to see that Sammy has firmly wrapped his tiny paws around Dane's heart.

So, as the newsletter becomes an unofficial pet showcase, let's give a warm welcome to Sammy. Dane, you can pretend all you want, but we're onto you—you've totally fallen for the puppy eyes. Here's to Sammy's future adventures and the inevitable "who's rescued who" story unfolding at the Osburn residence!

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