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Meet Our Newest Team Members

In the fourth quarter of 2023 we are excited to welcome 23 new people to our teams!!


Congratulations to Keith Stanis on his recent appointment as Secretary of the ABC Carolinas Charlotte Safety Peer Group! This significant achievement highlights Keith's dedication and expertise in the field of safety. His role in a group that brings together ABC Safety Professionals bi-monthly to discuss safety trends, issues, and solutions is pivotal. Working closely with OSHA and industry experts, Keith is at the forefront of ensuring the best practices are in place to maintain the safety and well-being of employees. His commitment to creating a safer work environment is commendable and an inspiration to us all. Well done, Keith, on this well-deserved recognition! 🎉🔒

MCI Year-End Accolades: A Testament to Safety & Quality

As we close another successful year at MCI, it's time to reflect on our remarkable achievements and set our sights on future goals.

In October, Keith accepted the Platinum Level Safety Award from ABC Carolinas on behalf of MCI. This prestigious recognition marks our third consecutive year at this level and our tenth year of receiving a Silver Level or higher. Such consistency in excellence is a direct result of our commitment to maintaining a safe work environment and reducing workplace injuries. This Platinum Level award is one of the highest accolades we can achieve, underscoring our dedication to safety and operational excellence.

Furthermore, for the second year running, MCI has earned the Accredited Quality Contractor designation from ABC National. This prestigious recognition not only highlights our quality and excellence but also sets us on course to be named as a Top Performer in our industry by ABC National for the second consecutive year. Our Platinum Safety designation is particularly noteworthy. According to the ABC 2023 Safety Performance Report, MCI is on average 688% safer than the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics industry average, a remarkable statistic that places us among the elite 547 merit shop construction contractors nationwide to achieve this status.

A milestone worth celebrating is our safety record: MCI has surpassed two full years without a lost time accident. This is a monumental achievement in our industry and a clear reflection of our team's commitment to safety and vigilance.

Congratulations to everyone at MCI for these outstanding accomplishments. Your dedication and hard work have not only set a high bar in our industry but also contributed to a safer, more efficient, and quality-driven work environment. Here's to continuing this trend of excellence and safety, and to further elevating our standards in the coming year!

Congratulations to our newest Blue Crew!

Congratulations to our newest 100% vested owners! Achieving six years of qualified service with the company is a remarkable milestone, and we're thrilled to celebrate your full rights to the shares of the company ESOP.  As a symbol of this significant achievement, you are now recognized by your new blue hard hats. These not only distinguish you as a key part of our team but also pay homage to MCI's rich history, recalling the original blue hard hats of the company. Your contribution to our journey is invaluable, and we look forward to your continued impact and leadership. Here's to your well-deserved success! 🎉👷‍♂️👷‍♀️💙

Brett Rowe

Brett Rowe

Ngin Mung and Alesio Rel

Ngin Mung and Alesio Rel

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro

Chris Hardin

Chris Hardin

Jeremiah Stowell

Jeremiah Stowell

Todd Clark

Todd Clark

Work Anniversaries

  • John Johnson - 46 years

  • Dane Osburn - 38 years

  • Kenny Burnette - 37 years

  • Eric Hoffman - 34 years

  • Jeff Pierce - 29 years

  • Geoff Cutler - 17 years

  • Meliton Chavez - 16 years

  • Francisco Garcia - 16 years

  • Barry Misiak - 16 years

  • Jada Nunn - 9 years

  • Rudy Oehler - 8 years

  • Cheryl Rukse - 4 years

  • Jason Johnson - 4 years

  • Ron Borras - 3 years

  • Joseph Tamba - 3 years

  • Larry Barnhardt - 5 years

  • Dwayne Moore - 2 years

  • Vicente Guerrero - 2 years

  • Brian Molina - 2 years

  • Dylan Guy - 1 year

  • Michael Bolton - 1 year

  • Kermit Stamey - 31 years

  • Sharyl Tate - 28 years

  • Jesus Villagomez - 25 years

  • Robert Wilson - 13 years

  • Jaclyn Kornegay - 8 years

  • Philip White - 8 years

  • John Newton - 4 years

  • Hayden Fletcher - 3 years

  • Nick England - 3 years

  • Jimmy Escobar - 2 years

  • Liz Ambrose - 2 years

  • Alex Martin - 1 year

  • Bill Champion - 33 years

  • Vicente Guerrero - 21 years

  • Terry Hill - 8 years

  • Michael Johnston - 4 years

  • Chad Stone - 1 year

  • Vincente Alejo - 1 year

  • Too Reh - 1 year

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