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Sky-High Solutions for MCI Customers!

Helicopter Lifts! Ever done one? It’s a very cool thing!

By Ron Borras

As you gather material, its fun to talk about, no big deal, easy peasy, business as usual.

Now, the actual day, that's a whole different story. You're hanging around, waiting for that big bird to swoop in. The safety honcho gathers everyone for a quick powwow, running through the need-to-knows to keep you kicking. Your brain's on overdrive, ticking off all the prep stuff you should've done already. Like, is the landing zone clear? Any random objects messing it up? Got your safety gear locked and loaded? And the squad, do they have theirs? There's a mix of excitement, a dash of nerves, and some good ol' anxiety blending together in this odd mix of anticipation. You know, that jittery laugh, the stomach doing somersaults.


And then, bam! Here comes that majestic bird gliding in over the treetops. It's this huge, strange beast that's kinda clumsy-looking, all bulbous and whatnot. And man, those propellers create this deafening roar that's so strong it's like, "Whoa, can I stay upright?" You're fighting to stand firm, keeping your hard hat from being snatched away, and your ear muffs playing a disappearing act. And ouch, those tiny rocks, sticks, and whatever other small things you can't even spot are smacking into your face and arms. They're making this clatter against your safety glasses, making you feel like you're caught up in a mini hurricane.


Then, whoosh, the bird touches down, the propellers slow their roll, and the wind chills as the jet engine starts doing its "time to hush" routine. Just like that, things get quiet, and there's this tiny moment of peace. The flight crew hops out of their metal monster, waving everyone over. You're practically skipping to the "circle" because you don't wanna miss out on what's up.


They split the teams up. Roof squad goes one way with a crew member, ground squad goes another. Jobs are handed out, and the game plan gets polished. Anticipation's building again, knots are getting knottier in your belly, and everyone gives the bird some space as it revs up once more. You're gazing in awe as that albatross takes to the sky. But then snap, you're back to reality, ready to roll up your sleeves and get things moving. Work time, baby! Fast pace, super loud... oh man, it's boiling out here. You're practically melting under all that safety gear. Hook, loop, tighten, thumbs up, whoosh goes the bird, unit's up, unit's gone. Now hustle to the next one, hook it up, oh snap, here comes the old unit, hustle over, unhook it, thumbs up again, then hustle back to the new unit... rinse and repeat... ugh, it's like your brain's on snooze.


And guess what? Just like that (okay, actually 45 minutes later), seven units are good to go. Seven old ones, all ready for the scrap heap after doing their duty. The air crew packs up, asking for their payment (gotta make that dough), and off they zoom to the next adventure. Time to tidy up, head home, and regale everyone you meet with the tales of your kickass day! Isn't AC cool??!!

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